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"Hi, just to let you know that I recently purchased some candles from you and I am really pleased with them and the service I got from you. I am so pleased I will be buying some more...".

- Miss F. E Fox



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LED scented candles

These unique colour changing LED scented candles are truly mesmerising and captivating. Available in rosemary, jasmine and lavender fragrances, they are guaranteed to be enjoyed by all.

Each pillar candle has two tones - the top half colour is determined by which fragrance it is and the bottom half is transparent. Once lit, a fibre optic mechanism in the candle is activated by the light from the wick setting off bursts of colours in the transparent half of the candle which, when combined, will produce all the colours of the rainbow! Truly stunning!



Magic LED scented pillar candle

Enjoy these colour changing scented pillar candles available in rosemary, jasmine, camomile, eucalyptus and lavender fragrances.

Rosemary: red

Jasmine: orange

Camomile: yellow/green

Eucalyptus: dark green

Lavender: purple

Candle size: 5.0 x 12.0cm (H)



5.99 (UK)   8.50 (International)

U.K. Order International Order



 Please read our candle safety page before purchasing any of our candles.


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